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An earring is a quintessential no-fuss jewellery type. They make you look more put together without much of a drama or overdoing. You can say that if you want to feel “complete” with your overall look, then put on your favourite pair of earrings and voila! With women’s earrings online UK, shopping for different types and styles of earrings has become all the more easy and fun too!

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Choosing the right size of your earrings, the right style, type and also the material is extremely important. If not paid due attention to, then it becomes an altogether different pain to bear. So pay attention to these details when buying yourself a pair. So what all different types of earrings are there to choose from? Read on.

  1. Stud Earrings

Stud earrings tend to be on the smaller side, snuggling to the top of the ear lobe. Typically embodied with a small design, they are pretty comfortable to wear and also go well with any outfit. As these don’t go down the ear lobe, you can be free from worrying if the earrings would touch your shoulders or even hang in the air.

  1. Drop Earrings

Almost an extension to the usual stud earrings, drop earrings have a little length to them with a drop at the end. The drop is pretty stationery and also gives an elongated effect to your otherwise small ears.

  1. Hoop Earrings

Hoops come in both big and small sizes depending on your style and also the outfit. While more oversized hoops go well with dresses and jeans-top combo, smaller hoops perfectly pair with formal or even casual wear. Simple yet subtle, classic yet stylish!

  1. Ear Climbers

This is one of the trending pieces circulating among women these days with elongated earrings going up the ear lobe to the sides, rather than hanging down. Ear cuff earrings are also a kind of ear climber earrings but not wholly.

  1. Threader and Dangle Earrings

These two styles fall in the long earrings category, which goes down from the ear lobe. As the name suggests, threader earrings are minimalist and modern with thin metal threads exuding femininity. At the same time, dangler ones can be both heavy or light on your ears with the overall design but have more movement to them.

Tip: Choose an earring that perfectly matches your style and goes well with multiple outfits. Prefer ones in precious metals and gems, if possible, but not necessary for sure. Whether moving or not, your choice!

Many of you women out there must already be knowing of these types, while still, some would be there who wouldn’t know it. So in whatever category you fall, what matters to us the most is that you find your perfect pair of jewellery.

With a vast collection of earrings at FashLondon, shopping for women’s earrings online UK has been made easy, comfortable and evolving. Whether timeless, elegant pieces or simple and good-to-go ones, small or long; we have covered you all. You’ll indeed find the one that suits you perfectly!