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True to their name, fascinators are fascinating pieces of adornment for women that have undergone a sea transformation since their inception in the 1960s. What began as a royal piece of a status symbol, worn by the privileged few, it’s a stylish headpiece worn by the fashion-forward woman of the 21st century. They were worn predominantly for royal weddings during the 17th century by British women. These bizarre accessories are unlike any other in the fashion world and are a complete contrast to hats. This decorative headpiece, featuring a band or clip, is purely ornamental, and unlike hats, hardly offers any protection from the weather. They come in the most unusual designs and abstract shapes and a variety of materials, including petite to large embellishments, delicate attachments, and decorative add-ons giving a sophisticated and off-beat finish. It blends seamlessly with formal wear, but you can choose to wear the right one considering the occasion and the outfit. There are fascinators available to blend into partywear, casual outfits, and glamorous dresses for memorable occasions.

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  1. SANCHA Facinator - Black/White
  2. RAMIRA Facinator - Fuchia
  3. PEDRA Facinator - Peach
  4. PENI Facinator - Beige
  5. PERLA Facinator - Blue
  6. MATI  Facinator - Blue
  7. MAITA Facinator - Beige
  8. JIMENA Facinator - White
  9. JACINTA Facinator - Pink
  10. JUDEEN Facinator - Mint
  11. FLORITA Facinator - Navy
  12. CORONA Facinator - Grey
  13. VIDA Facinator - Blue
  14. TONA Facinator - Black
  15. TIRSA Facinator - Black
  16. SOLANA Facinator - Blue
Grid List

16 Items

Set Descending Direction

Types of Fascinators

There are a delightful variety of fascinators available for almost every occasion. The choice of buying online fascinators for women follows the trending designs of the global fashion hub. Each type of fascinator offers a distinct look to make a stylish statement, unlike anything common. There are feather-twisted bow fascinators, feather fascinators of different volumes, floral and floral applique fascinators, floating feather & leaves fascinators, ribbon fascinators, bouquet headpieces, and asymmetric headpieces among an irresistible trend of headwear for the fashion-forward woman. Several types of fascinators come with a removable headband, fastening clip, and elegant extensions keeping the idea to create an artistic accessory with an elegant finish in check. Mesh extensions and pearl fittings combine to give a graceful outlook when paired with the right piece of outfit. Check out the exclusive line of fascinators on offer specifically for wedding purposes.

Buy Fascinators Online at FashLondon

FashLondon is an online destination in the UK that brings a touch of innovation and creativity to women’s wear and accessories. Apart from the classy line of distinct dresses for several occasions, you can buy women's fascinators in the UK that are available in the most creative designs and contemporary touches to give a timeless appeal of elegance. You can filter by different prices and colours, and the user-friendly navigation options make shopping online fascinators for women a pure delight. Making women feel pretty from the inside while creating a classy outlook without much efforts is the theme of FashLondon.For wearing the right fascinator, FashLondon also offers an attractive variety of other accessories that give a complete look. Fascinators are available to blend seamlessly with the exclusive styles of dresses the brand offers women. The online fashion hub is the fast-developing destination preferred by the fashion-conscious woman in the UK. Shopping on the website gives you a distinct experience worth your time and money. The refreshing new outlook and trending styles ready to reach your doorstep rapidly is a standout feature of FashLondon.