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Prom & Evening

Prom and Evening Dresses UK

Do you have a prom to attend but don’t have any idea which type of evening dress do you want to wear? Well, then you are in the right place. It is imperative to pick the dress that suits your body, occasion and compliments your style. Evening dresses are all about being in class yet comfortable. If you are looking for the  Prom and Evening Dresses for Women in the UK, you have come to the right place because we have everything you need to rock the evening.

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Types of Evening Dresses

  1. Gown: A floor-length dress is all you need for a wedding or prom. You can always go for a graceful mermaid dress, stunning sheath gowns or dreamy A-line gowns. Gowns are also perfect for a formal evening party. Gowns are ideal if you want to highlight your torso and hips but also want to flair around with the dress.


  1. Cocktail dress: Cocktail dresses are perfect when you just want to have fun and dance all around! The cocktail dresses are shorter in length, and if you pair them with the right pair of pumps and accessorise your ankle with anklets you will be good to go girl! Whether you are out for a movie evening or a dinner date, these cocktail dresses can make you a star of the evening.


  1. Ball Gown: Do you believe in dreamy fairytale moments? Then ball gowns are your catch! They make you look like a queen and are perfect for a gala sweet sixteen prom night! Ball gowns are fitted at the top, tight around the waist and have a dramatically layered skirt.


  1. Jacket dress: With a perfect cocktail dress and amazingly coordinated jacket, you can get a jacket dress for yourself. You can also coordinate your cocktail dress with a jacket to dress up for an upcoming formal party. Well, jacket dresses are perfect if you want more coverage.


  1. Midi Dress: Midi dresses hit your mid-calf and are perfect for someone who doesn’t need a short or a long skirt. Midi dresses are in trend, and you can always pounce on a midi dress in animal print for a bold look. If you are looking for a glamorous look, then sequin midi dresses should be your go-go.

Buy Evening Dresses at FashLondon.

Done choosing the evening dress for an event? Then you can lay your hands on prom and Evening Dresses for Women in the UK   at FashLondon. FashLondon has elegant evening gowns which are suitable to be worn at every occasion. You will look stunning and unique in our dresses. FashLondon has a variety of styles at affordable prices in the UK. Also, you can always compliment your look with a clutch, necklace, earrings and right pair of shoes and you will be good to go!