Vegan Fabrics and Materials For the Best Vegan Accessories UK

Archaeologists and historians have more than enough evidence to prove that humans have been using leather since 1300 BC. It still remains to be one of the most popular fabric materials of all time, but why so? It’s durable, breathable, natural, and indescribably easy to come by. After all, it’s a by-product of the meat industry. It’s an all-natural product and much better than synthetically produced fabrics as synthetic materials cause discomfort and rashes. However, to gain animal hide, people have to resort to slaughter. According to researchers, millions of cows, sheep, lambs, calves, and pigs have to die every year to yield meat and skin.

The importance of a replacement

As time passed, technological advancements brought forth the internet. Currently, the world of the web is the largest depository of knowledge. Commoners learned from the internet that animal hide accounts for roughly 50% of the total by-product value of cattle. Due to low-profit margins for each head of cattle, the meat industry has to depend heavily on the sales of skins to earn profits. People realized that it’s time for scientists to turn their attention towards coming up with something that can replace leather. In doing so, the demand for slaughter will go down, and the companies that make natural, vegan fabrics can survive and thrive. Once the scientists managed to create excellent alternatives, the best vegan accessories UK began to penetrate the market.


Fabrics That Are Used

  • Leaf leather: You’ll learn about a few types of materials that can replace leather in every aspect here on this topic. The first one on the list is faux leather derived from leaves. Many brands are using dried, fallen leaves to create handbags. They apply dye on these leaves and treat them with an environmentally-friendly polymer to restore and enhance the property of the material.


  • Pinatex: The next substance worth mentioning is Pinatex. Many fashion accessories manufacturing companies are using it to create the best vegan accessories UK. It comes from the lives of pineapple. The creators of the fabric strip the leaves into fine fibers through a process called decortication. Then, they convert the same into a mesh-like material. Pinatex is durable, breathable, and flexible.


  • Paper: It may sound strange, but brands like Fash London operating via came up with a perfectly washable paper variety. This material is readily replacing leather in many parts of the world. Do you have a pair of jeans? Then you probably noticed a badge stitched on the backside along with the belt hoops. Manufacturers create paper bags from the same material used in manufacturing those badges. Jacron paper is the name of this substance. It’s incredibly durable and doesn’t fall apart in water, unlike most paper varieties.


  • Rubber: Rubber has always been an extremely versatile material used in manufacturing an array of products, including car tires, gumboots, washing gloves, elastic bands, etc. You won’t have to neoprene or synthetic rubber. You can go for fashion accessories made from latex, a runny white liquid found inside specific trees and plants. The material is strong, stretchy, durable, flexible, and waterproof.


To the end

As you can see, you have more than enough vegan substances that can replace leather. You shouldn’t hesitate from using them and save millions of animals from the slaughterhouse. You’ll even play a crucial role in helping this world become a better place.