The Skincare Trends Of 2020 Include More Than Just Where To Buy Cosmetics London

You probably know that the beauty industry thrives on newness. However, 2020 gave birth to a slower approach to novelty. Sustainability movements are flourishing all over the world. It’s safe to say that the spirit of beauty in 2020 is much more inclusive than it ever was. Scientific and technological innovations brought forth hyper-personalized products. Apart from that, once-frowned-upon products came under the limelight this year. If you’re looking for the makeup and beauty-related trends to follow in 2020, then these deserve your attention.

Celebrating ageless beauty

  • In the second half of the last decade, brands began catering to under-represented communities.
  • According to researchers, black and Asian women don’t feel that high-end brands cater to their requirements.
  • As a result, a renowned company altered its stock.
  • Beauty companies have products for people of all ethnicities, body types, gender expressions, skin tones, and identities.
  • However, they only catered to the young and middle-aged.
  • In 2020, the beauty anthem is for women above 50.
  • If you’re wondering where to buy cosmetics London for women above 50, then you should choose the most ethical brands.

From slow to blue

  • There’s an increased focus on capitalism all over the world.
  • Some of the most popular companies committed to 100% eco-friendly packaging for the same reason.
  • Apart from that, waterless beautification also became a focus.
  • One particular company achieved a 60% reduction in water consumption per product.
  • When it’s about conscious consumption, people will collectively adopt a slower beauty stance concerning environmental ethics and sustainability.
  • The new decade is vital to the wellbeing of the planet, and the beauty industry will play a crucial role in it.

The sophistication of micro-biome skincare

  • According to Google, more people are searching for information against the word “micro-biome” than “where to buy cosmetics London” in the UK.
  • The micro-biome factor ended up becoming a significant driving force in the UK facial skincare market.
  • Scientists say that more than one trillion microorganisms are present on the surface of your skin.
  • They also say that nobody else on the planet has the same microbes on their skin.
  • A renowned consulting dermatologist says that the micro-biome trend will be at the forefront in 2020.
  • Upon maintaining bacterial homeostasis, the skin remains hydrated, reflects light better, and allows products to penetrate deeper.

Over-personalized approach

  • A more targeted approach to beauty enhancement will become the “way of the world” for the skincare industry in 2020.
  • It will include two specific ways.
  • The first one is about taking skin swabs to test bacterial analysis and DNA.
  • The second one incorporates creating products based on your micro-biome and genetic build.
  • Home-based technology can also help you decipher your beauty-related requirements.


Combining skin and mental health

Another trend worth mentioning is the wedlock between skincare and mental healthcare. The matter about micro-biome is just one example that shows how the beauty and healthcare world merged. It happened due to the boom of vegan beauty. Companies like Fash London and many others are promoting veganism earnestly. Also, the ever-growing CBD market is contributing to it. All of it proves that a holistic approach to beauty will become the norm.