The 5 Biggest Women’s Sunglasses Trends to Have Your Eyes on This Summer

Do you think that you have to plan a holiday at a beach just to take advantage of the chicest women sunglasses that companies like Fash London? Sunglasses are a necessity during the summer months. You don’t need to walk along a beach just to wear them. In reality, sunglasses are something that you should wear on a hot summer day even you head out for a walk at a nearby park. Also, they have the power to boost your choice of outfit profoundly. Now, you may not be aware of the sunglass trends that rule the women’s section at shops. Here are a few of them.

Small frames

  • Teeny-tiny frames for sunglasses ended up becoming popular in 2020. 
  • The barely-there wire-like frames have been dominating the world of fashion for several years.
  • Then, a considerably vintage trend popped up.
  • The acetate frame gives you micro-minis a lot more weight for the New Year.


  • First of all, flat-tops don’t mean shoes here.
  • Flat-top cheap women’s sunglasses UK are gaining a lot of popularity recently.
  • It’s a futuristic version of the evergreen aviator.
  • The overall design passed through a bout of refinement.
  • Choose flat-top sunglasses to exude sporty vibes.

Generously white

  • Good-old black sunglasses aren’t stylish anymore, especially for those who want something different.
  • This particular variety of women’s sunglasses is winning the hearts of fashion-enthusiastic women.
  • It can give you that oomph you’re looking for.
  • Are you wondering what it’s all about? Just go for tinted shades with white frames.
  • Choose anything from oversized, tiny, aviator, or anything else.
  • DON’T forget to combine it with something that makes you stand out.

From the future

  • Do you want something with a little futuristic, sci-fi appeal?
  • Then you’re in luck because designers came up with something like it.
  • Futuristic sunglasses have been around for a few years.
  • 2020 gave it a unique twist.
  • Avoid the sporty ones.
  • Choose something that enhances the shape and silhouette.

Thick and oversized

  • Micro-mini glasses, as already mentioned earlier, are currently rocking the world.
  • However, thick and oversized varietals made a comeback with a vengeance in mind.
  • You shouldn’t leave these glasses from your list of favorites.
  • You’ll be able to copy the styles of celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy.


Retro style

Don’t you feel like going back in the past to fix your mistakes? Scientists came up with immensely powerful and effective inventions and gadgets. Unfortunately, they couldn’t design a time-machine as of yet. Though the way things are progress, it’s safe to say that time-machines may also pop up sooner rather than later (and maybe a Thanos with it too). However, you can go back in time with a tinge of the future on it if you choose to wear retro-style sunglasses. They have large and round frames. Whether scalloped, clear, or turquoise, fashion enthusiasts love them all.