Reasons To Embrace The Best Vegan Bags London And Kick Out Leather From Your Wardrobe

Recently, the world-renowned brand Armani pledged to refrain from using leather for any of its fashion products. Apart from Armani, the other brands that joined the anti-leather group include Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Stella McCartney, and Calvin Klein. They chose to eliminate the use of animal fur from the scene, but it did lead to the formation of a blind spot when it comes to the idea of donning garments and using accessories made from animal leather. You believe that using fur garments isn’t right. However, you continue to wear leather. Don’t you think that it’s somewhat hypocritical? If you do, the following reasons will further convince you to stay away from it.


Fur without hair

Indeed, wearing leather is nothing more than donning fur without hair. It’s downright cruel.

Is it dog skin?

Did you know that there’s a ritual in China that involves eating dog meat on a specific day? They slit the throat of the creatures and peel off the skin to produce gloves and other items. You probably won’t be able to look into the eye of your pet doggie after knowing this fact.

Animals aren’t garments

Animals aren’t as smart as humans, but they aren’t emotionless either. You should shift to the best vegan bags in London as early as possible.

Isn’t just a by-product

Back in the day, the leather used to be a by-product of the meat industry. Today, many slaughterhouses kill animals just for the skin. The pitiful creatures have to die so that you look good at all times.

Harsh on the environment

Animal skin requires preservation. After all, it’s a degradable material. Without appropriate preservation tactics, it will rot. The preservation process involves using massive amounts of toxic chemicals that are slowly destroying the environment. If the world ceases to exist, where would you show off your leather accessories?

It kills

Indeed, leather farming doesn’t kill animals only. It even kills people. The toxic chemicals used in tanning are as harmful to the environment as they are to the people who do the work.

Fashion is fun

Yes, being fashionable is fun-filled. However, it doesn’t mean that you should assume a murderous attitude. Use the best vegan bags in London and prevent animals from receiving a cruel death.

Cows are lovely

Despite what people think, cows are smart animals. They can develop complex relationships. Don’t let them die.

Vegan leather is excellent

Vegan leather is superb, to say that least. They have the look and feel of the substance and aren’t pricey at all.

They are the future

Indeed, veganism is the future. So, step into the train and become part of a sustainable future.


Be humane

Are you ready to take the necessary steps to reacquire your humanity? Then start buying and using fashionable garments and accessories that don’t require animals to die. Fash London is one of the leading companies that are carrying the flag of vegan fashion. They use cork, pineapple leaves, recycled plastic bottles, and other substances to create incredible products. Check out what they have to offer at