How To Pick The Best Sunglasses For Women UK Based On Your Face Shape

Sunglasses are more than just an accessory for the summer months. If anybody says otherwise, then you shouldn’t believe them. Apart from protecting your eyes from the harmful radiation of the sun, it can reduce fatigue and harmonize your overall image. Of course, the effectiveness of the shades depends on whether you choose the right one or not. Since everyone has a different face shape, you need to pinpoint the products that resonate with yours. Are you wondering how to do it? If so, then you need to go through this topic. Here you’ll learn how to select sunglasses that match your face shape.

  • Heart-shaped faces: If you’re someone with a heart-shaped face, then you have a large brow and a smaller chin. The best options for you include cat-eye framed sunglasses. Or, you can go for a pair of frames that are small, as larger options will look overwhelming. Stylists suggest picking lighter-colored lenses and frames with bold-shaded arms and prints. These features will accentuate the areas around your eyes and also soften the lower part of your face.

  • Round-shaped faces: Women with round faces usually have equal height and width in every facial aspect. While looking for the best sunglasses for women UK, you need to choose a pair with a frame that’s wider than the broadest region of your face. You must avoid round-framed shades at all costs because they won’t compliment your face shape. You should go for something rectangular or square to add angles. If you want something embellished, then you’re lucky because elegantly designed sunglasses would suit you.


  • Oval-shaped faces: Both men and women with oval-shaped faces should consider themselves to be fortunate. These people can wear sunglasses of practically every shape and style. The advantage of having an oval face is that all the features remain balanced. Then again, you can’t rush into the store and buy something that gets your attention. You need to look into your hairstyle and skin tone as well. Generally, large and dark frames are exceptionally flattering. They complement an oval face’s cheekbones immaculately.


  • Square-shaped faces: What do you need to know if you have a square-shaped face, and how will it influence your choice of the best sunglasses for women UK? A broad forehead combined with wide cheekbones and a strong jaw-line defines your face. In short, all your facial features add up to define you as a strong lady. Naturally, your sunglasses need to be large enough. Just remember to refrain from buying angular products as they will further harden your face.


Final Considerations

Now that you know how to pick sunglasses based on your facial features, you must be thinking about where to buy them from. Well, there’s a store called Fash London that operates on the internet from the website This particular company has a massive collection of exquisite sunglasses. You can visit their online store and decide for yourself whether they’re worth your time or not. Of course, hundreds and thousands of other online and offline shops can cater to your requirements. If you just stick to the rules mentioned here, then you’ll find the perfect pair of shades that suit you.