How A Shirt Dress UK Marked The Rise Of A Significant Change In The Fashion Industry

The new decade isn’t about throwaway trends at all. They are becoming increasingly passé. Every woman is looking for a shirt dress UK or anything else that will create a long-lasting effect within a capsule wardrobe. If you keep tabs on the latest fashion shows, then you probably noticed that the spring-summer 2020 runways were surprisingly more commercial than usual. The designers primarily focused on classic legacy dresses instead of showing off their whimsicality in terms of artistry. The latter generally falls into impractical categories. It means that you can buy and wear everything that those models were wearing. Here you’ll find out more about this matter.


The buzzwords

  • Every fashion freak mentioned that realism was the overarching theme in September’s fashion week.
  • This realism led to the coining of another term called “wearability” for 2020.
  • Some fashion designers loathe this word because clothes are always wearable.
  • However, the term is an adjective that describes the aesthetic for spring 2020.
  • All the headlining trends will transition into many women’s wardrobes.
  • Also, they will stay there for a considerable amount of time.

The most in-demand items


  • One of the most in-demand dresses for spring 2020 is a shirt dress UK.
  • It’s more of a straightforward blue Oxford button-down shirt.
  • It will look perfect with bodysuits and small black dresses.
  • Fashion enthusiasts want to keep things simple without being boring.
  • Most of the dresses showcased on the runway have been incredibly wearable.
  • The brands presented their ultimate wardrobe heroes in a new and interesting manner.

Sustainability is the reason

  • So, what led to this tremendous change that you witnessed on the runway?
  • Classic and timeless pieces ruled the stage because everybody seeks sustainability.
  • The fashion industry has always harmed the environment.
  • Fashion designers realized that it’s time to mend their ways before it’s too late.
  • Sustainability impacted the world significantly and gave rise to a new yet old fashion standard.
  • Sustainability is the term that will rule the next decade.

Season boundaries are losing definition

  • Indeed, the boundaries between seasons are losing their definition.
  • The spring-summer 2020 collection introduced a capsule wardrobe that you can stick to for an entire year.
  • In reality, you were as likely to witness party clothes as you were swimwear on the runways.
  • It sheds light on the fact that nobody wants to buy something to wear for just one season only.

Companies that are joining the crusade

It’s a noble crusade started by companies and fashion designers. The best part is that the commoners want it too. If you search the web, you’ll learn about several world-renowned brands that are already doing everything within their power to change things. Among smaller companies, Fash London is worth mentioning. It sells garments, cosmetics, and accessories for women. Everything that you’ll see on their online store comes from environmentally-friendly raw materials. The organization strictly adheres to veganism, and this fact alone makes them a favorite of their customers.